Yes, the bike can be of anyone. The ownership does not matter. If someone does not have a bike then they can take a loan and buy a bike easily.
No, it does not pay for petrol but their salary and incentives are very good.
Bwala provides Minimum Guarantee per order to all its Delivery partners. This means that even if a Rider does not get orders during the shift , they will not earn, we pay commission based delivery fee.
No, mobile phones are not given. One has to buy his/her personal smartphone.
Salary is credited on a weekly basis.
Yes, an amount of KES. 600 has to be paid at the time of joining. By paying this amount, the Delivery agent gets a Bwala T-shirt and a delivery bag.
Yes, anyone above 18 years with a valid Id card or passport can become a delivery partner with Bwala.
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